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Understanding basic care. Children of different ages need different care, from the feeding and diapering that an infant requires to the imaginative, safe play that will engage a child of eight. Also, you should talk with the parents about their child's special needs, likes and dislikes. Make sure you know how the parents want you to take care of their children, including any "rules of the house."

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The BBB Torch Award is helping to illuminate the importance of corporate conscience and responsibility to upholding a fair and honest marketplace. Each year, one winner is selected from each of four size categories by an independent panel of judges with expertise in business ethics.

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Spotlight on BBBOnLine Participant 27th Avenue Many web businesses are the outgrowth of personal experiences. In the late 90s, Ted Millen bought his son a lizard-shaped, wall-mounted CD holder from a catalog for Christmas. That got him thinking and looking online, where he was unable find stores that focused on CD storage. He decided to start his own, and the result is 27th Avenue, a totally web-based store that sells media storage units, furniture and home furnishings.

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For Merchants...Is Your BBBOnLine Seal Clearly Visible To Consumers? If you are a BBBOnLine seal holder, you may be losing business if you don't have your seal prominently featured on your web site, or if that seal has expired. It is increasingly clear -- companies that provide credible third-party assurance from the BBB, an organization whose name and reputation are known by over 90% of North Americans, are able to provide a greater level of trust and confidence to their customers than those who do not. But that advantage will be lost if consumers don't know you are a BBBOnLine participant. If you don't have the BBBOnLine seal, contact your local Better Business Bureau office in the U.S. or Canada for more information today.

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If you decide to contribute online, find out more about the charity before making a contribution and beware of red flags. For example, some charities imitate the name and style of a well-known organization in order to confuse people. Also, be wary of any spam or email message asking you to make a contribution. In what is known as a "phishing" scam, such messages may link to a "false" website that looks just like the website of an established relief charity. This could be a ruse to get you to share your credit card or other personal information.

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Starting a Business Against the Odds Bad credit, no business idea and a kid to take care of? You can still start a homebased business. Oh, Give Me a Home Roll up your sleeves and get your homebased biz off the ground with these 21 tips.

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